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Getting Effective Campaign Materials

Campaign materials can be costly. It is important to decide what are the most important materials for your race. This will vary from race to race and county to county. There may be tradition of 4 x 8 billboard signs in your county. In which case, you will have to budget for purchasing those. When you decide on those important materials, figure them into your budget. After the campaign has been underway and you are raising more money that you thought, then you can decide to purchase some of the other material that was secondary on your list.

There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering campaign materials. Planning ahead will save you a lot of money and give you plenty of time to read drafts over for typos and mistakes. Rush charges can dramatically increase the price of your materials so avoid those. Also, mistakes happen when you are doing printing. Ensuring that you are not rushing the process will minimize mistakes. In general, you should also carefully read over drafts yourself or have your campaign manager do that. Since it is your name and your reputation, you should not rely solely on the vendor to proofread.

Yard Signs – Important to all campaigns. Signs are easier to read with a color background and white lettering as opposed to white background and color lettering.

Palm Cards – These are very effective tools in getting your message across. You should use these for door-to-door canvassing and when you are at events and fairs. The small size and heavier paper are convenient for passing out. So have them with you at all times and order them very early in your campaign.

Doorhangers – These are perfect for door-to-door canvassing.  Makes leaving your campaign information easy.

4 x 8 Signs – May or may not be important in your particular race. These can be costly but they are very effective at the same time. Also remember that most locations use 2 signs so if you have 20 locations, you have to order at least 40 signs.

Voter File – Usually can be purchased at your local election board.

Mail Pieces – Mail will be one of the most expensive materials you will buy. The benefit of mail is that it goes to actual voters – registered voters from a voter file. Nowadays, people get so much junk mail that paying for 4 color mail pieces is usually worth the money. Having something that can catch a voter’s attention is most important.

Web Pages – These are a good resource for voters to find information about you. It is important to remember to maintain the page throughout the campaign to ensure old information is not still posted. There is nothing worse than out of date web pages.

Lapel Stickers – These are convenient to have at events and relatively inexpensive to purchase.

Bumper Stickers – Bumper stickers are not that expensive and can be catchy.

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