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Election Day Activities

Appoint an Election Day Chairman to assist you.  Your Election Day Chairman should have all his/her volunteers ready to work hard on Election Day.

Rides to polls

The Chairman should make sure if anyone has been offered a ride to the polls, that someone is ready to pick them up. Typically if you have a nursing home or assisted living facility, you should help those supporters there get to the polls.

Signs at the polls

Make sure you get up early and get out your campaign signs around the polling places.  You can do this the evening before as well.

Literature at the polls

Also, make sure you have all your polling places covered with signs and volunteers handing out brochures or sample ballots. You may find that the county committee will provide volunteers and sample ballots to help your efforts. Please note that there are regulations on where you can put signs at the polling place and where volunteers can stand to pass out literature so be aware of those.

Don't forget to vote

Donít forget to vote. You may want to hit every polling place in your district to meet voters but start with yours and cast your vote. That way you wonít have to worry about making it back in time to vote at your precinct.

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